Why You Need an iPhone Case

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Congratulations! You got yourself an Apple iPhone. You finally have managed to buy one of the snazziest purchases of the decade! You sure might have sat there looking at it for a while, gazing at this sleek piece of technological wonder and its high-tech novelty with awe and admiration Groovy! You take it in your hands, feel the smooth material, switch it on, and hold it with pride and great enthusiasm.

Up till now, it has managed to hold your attention and make you feel good about owning it. You show it off to all your relatives and even the next-door neighbor. But then, the same iPhone tumbles over the edge of the table and you are flabbergasted! Its only then its hits you that you have invested $500 dollars (or could be more) on this little wonder and you have to safeguard this dear investment from being dropped, scratched or broken. Pronto! The next thing that pops in your head is to get a good case for your Apple iPhone.

Although the iPhone is considerably new, there are some great, exceptional quality iPhone cases in the market today. These Apple iPhone Cases, range from cool to hip to suave and stylish. One such iPhone case would be the OtterBox Defender iPhone Case.

Well known for being the makers of designer iphone case waterproof, tough cases for iPods, mobile phones, PDAs as well as something like the cigar case; it is not surprising that OtterBox has a case for the Apple iPhone.

Unlike other iPhone cases, the OtterBox Defender iPhone Case provides complete control over the user interactivity and enables users to operate the iPhone volume controls, touch screen and camera functions. This semi-rugged yet sleek and 4.81″ x 2.675″ x .76″ slim case is water-resistant and hence safeguards the iPhone from outside detrimental conditions. Although not 100% waterproof, the OtterBox iPhone Case is effectual in protection from precipitation or a slight drizzle. When you are on the move and wish to take your iPhone along, you need not take the case off. The OtterBox Defender has a holster and clip, which comes handy (in the true sense) and still protects your iPhone whether you have to shovel through a crowd or catch the next train. Even the very thought of dropping the iPhone brings a chill to many. Least you would want to do is drop it.

This particular case by OtterBox accommodates some of the major Apple iPhone models like the 4GB, 8GB and the hefty 16GB Apple iPhones. In comparison to other iPhone cases that block the interactivity with the iPhone, the OtterBox Defender Case provides you complete access to the touch interface through a patented touch screen membrane while safeguarding the iPhone. The OtterBox has not one, not two but 3 Layers of Protection. Whether you are using the iPhone or it’s lying idle, the protective surfaces work as a shield, covering the iPhone at all times. The external covering is made of silicone, which is fitting for safeguarding the iPhone from all bumps and drops.

Apart from this, the iPhone comes along with a sync/ charge, and a jack for the headphone. You can get easy access to the sleep/wake, home buttons, volume controls and the proximity sensor through the case. The case also has a swivel belt clip that offers full impact protection to the delicate screen.