When Watches Became Jewelry

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According to the definition of tool watches, they were watches that were always made for a specific purpose. The watches that function as a tool to complete the task, the watches on which the task was essentially always dependent for its successful completion.

In the same context, Rolex already had a submariner to offer 300 meters of water resistance to serve the function of timing the dive. However, there was still a need to go deeper. As a result, a watch with greater water resistance is required. And it was at this point that the desire Rolex already had a submariner to create a watch with a greater depth of trading became a reality in the form of Sea-Dweller.

Sky-Dweller two tone

Things have changed over the years, and watches that were originally designed as tools and instruments began to provide an experience that went beyond their intended function. This was the era when watches were transformed into jewelry and objects that provided joy and pleasure, mesmerized the eyes, and made people smile. When it comes to joy and pleasure wear, a touch of gold is appropriate.

The Construction Of The Watch

When we consider the looks, aesthetics, and luxury attributes of the watch, the use of gold in higher-rated diver watches may appear and sound controversial. Then a diver watch in a two-tone configuration makes perfect sense, and the watch’s construction of gold in combination with steel means that there are looks and jewelry characters to look out for.

They do, however, come at the expense of the watch’s versatility and toughness. firstly, gold is a much softer metal than steel and can very easily be deformed, tinted, or dinked. And then the gold used here comes in a fully polished finish which does compliment the looks of the watch.

The Dial

This watch’s dial has the same matte and greyish texture and color as the all-steel reference. The black dial finish and color are significantly different from the glossy black seen on the submariner and have more of a crash and vintage texture to them. To keep the yellow gold tone. This watch’s hour markers and dial hands are all made of 18-karat yellow gold. The text on the dial is all white but typical red text for Sea-Dweller comes in the same tone and maintains the overall vibe.

The Bezel

Sky-Dweller two tone Bezel

The bezel is made of 18-carat yellow gold, but the insert is ceramic, so the watch has the tolerance to avoid damage from day-to-day hits or banks, but because the bezel teeth are gold.

The Looks

The two-tone configuration in this watch maintains typical Rolex looks, with yellow gold center links and steel side links on the bracelet. While it is technically a tool watch, it is clearly a jewelry version. It is worth noting that Rolex has recently released rose gold-plated watches.