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Pro version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Pro is a messaging programme that is a modernised version of the original WhatsApp. It is a fantastic alternative to WhatsApp. Many more capabilities are available here, like theme selection, detailed styling, privacy settings, and so forth.

The whatsapp pro is a new upgraded version of WhatsApp that includes a number of popular and strong features, such as support for all current Android versions, privacy, style, reputation settings, features, media encoding, and so on. More skills, for example, can be helpful.

WhatsApp Pro’s Main Features


It has a function that prevents users from being banned. As a result of this, WhatsApp will not ban your account permanently for using the cracked version.

DND Mode:

You can use the DND (Do Not Disturb) option to turn off the internet for your Whatsapp. You will not be able to receive or send messages using this feature until you turn it off.

There is also a Dark Mode option in this app. WhatsApp Pro has a black and white theme in this function.

Self-Destructive Messages:

This feature deletes text messages you’ve sent after they’ve been read.

Theme Store:

Over 700 different themes are available. You have complete freedom in selecting a theme. Additional themes are not required to be downloaded.

DIY Theme:

You can create your own theme with this function. The background colour, contact icon, text, slider, numeric text, layout, and many other elements can all be customised.

Message Scheduler:

This third-party application’s Message Scheduler is another popular function. The message calendar allows you to send a message on time, which could be a birthday greeting or something else entirely.

What is WhatsApp Pro and how can I get it?

  • After the APK file has been downloaded, tap on it to begin the installation process.
  • Allow installation from unknown sources on your device by going to “Settings,” then “security,” and then “Unknown sources.” To download whatsapp pro Go Here.
  • “File Manager” should now be open. To access the “Download folder,” go to the “Download folder” menu. Tap the APK file for WhatsApp Pro. Next, choose “Install” from the drop-down menu.
  • It will prompt you for a verification code after the installation is finished. An OTP SMS will be sent to the user after they have completed the form and verified it. After the authentication process is completed, the app’s functions can be enjoyed. On your home screen, there will be an icon.


The whatsapp pro was the topic of discussion. If you’re interested in learning more about its features, you should install it on your phone. If you wish to download this mod after reading this post, simply click the download option at the bottom of the page.