Mongolia Transportation: How to Get to Ulaanbaatar, Travel Around

Many travelers love to take an overland adventure in Mongolia and challenge themselves in the legendary endless steppe of the country. If you are one of those who plans to bring a vehicle into, Mongolia you should know on informing the tax authorities and border troops in advance at any of the border crossings in the country. Foreign Airlines such as Aeroflot, Air China, Korean-Air are operating flights connecting Ulaanbaatar with Moscow, Beijing, and Seoul. We can offer direct ticketing and booking service for trans-sib train tickets and airport ticket for our customers.

Trains to Xilingol

There is a festival called Thousand Camel that honors and celebrates the gem of the most famous Gobi-Bactrian camels. They are recently declared endangered, and the Mongols are trying to protect the camels. The festival normally takes place at the beginning of March every year, and it’s a perfect opportunity to see camel activities such as camel procession, camel polo and other cultural events in the annual festival. The beautiful Gobi desert will remind you of how beautiful the world is, you are reminded all over how everything eventually returns to dust and sand, and how important it is to enjoy your life. The huge dunes of sand, the sheet of blue sky over your head and windy evening will remind of every facet of beauty the nature stores. Direct train to Lhasa is not your only way to Tibet During the peak tourism season of Tibet, it is hard to get a ticket for sleeper train to Lhasa from Shanghai, Chengdu, B …

Someone who never joins group tours (yuck!) because they don’t feel they are experiential enough. During this trip you will have the chance to travel with 8 other badass travelers from around the world. During these celebrations we’ll watch horse races, wrestling matches, archery competitions, and ankle bone shoot-outs. Our Endangered Species in Focus tour provide you with full of opportunity to make your holiday unfor… Gobi and Karakorum tour is one of our brand tours that present the highlights of central and south M… All of this work will reward wildlife lovers with a great experience.

Xilingol Travel Guide

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We didn’t have any problems with this, but it’s good to know. Plus, I don’t think this is done in a malicious way… but it is done when there’s lots of alcohol involved. If you’re planning on doing trips where the closest city ISN’T Ulaanbaatar, wait to organise all of the details and do it in the closer city. For example, I wouldn’t organise an Altai trek in Ulaanbaatar, but I’d go to Ulgii and organise your trek and transportation from there. Mongolian is a tough language, and the majority of people outside of Ulaanbaatar won’t speak English. For us, it caused a lot of confusion, but it added to the charm of Mongolia.

Immerse yourself into the culture by sleeping in a traditional ger with a local nomadic family and eating freshly made goat cheese biscuits and slabs of mutton meat. You may even get the chance to become a farmer for a day, by helping the family herd their sheep. It is longest season of the year and temperature drops down to -40 degrees especially in northern part of Mongolia, Khovgol, Uvs provinces.

Aside from being astonished at children as young as 5 years old galloping around on their horses, make sure to feel the suspense as 115+ kg wrestlers take each other to the ground. If you can, we highly recommend planning your trip to Mongolia around the Naadam Festival. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance, as you don’t want to miss out on the day’s events. Many people have heard of Mongolia and the Mongol Empire, but how many people do you know who have been? Mongolia is one of those countries that are less travelled, but we think this is definitely going to change over the next few years. Infrastructure is rapidly improving, and the country is becoming more popular and modernized. We recommend you book a Mongolian tour fast before the culture and natural preservations are overshadowed by mass amounts of tourism and international influences.

In Mongolia, you don’t have to prepare Christmas gifts for others. Many people choose warm clothes’, children’s books and more healthy things for their kids’ gifts instead of sweets and candies.

Once you have entered before the last date shown on the visa, this will be the start of your 30 days inside the country and only single entry. But if you want to travel more, you can extend your visa up until 4 days before expiry in Immigration office in Ulaanbaatar and Bayan-Ulgii province.