It comes to no surprise that kabbalah has been a major belief form for many individuals today.

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Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism

You can practically see a lot of Hollywood celebrities wearing red strings that many would who is jesus often shrug off as a mere fashion statement. In truth, red string plays an integral role in a person’s belief in the Kabbalah teachings — it is considered as a tool for a positive and successful life.

What Is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is a necessary part of Torah, or the Law of God, and with the meaning “what is handed down” or “received”. The teaching is considered to be a mystical component of Judaism, though not all of those who follow the religion accepted this in their teachings.

The concepts and truths of Kabbalah are passed down orally from the highest order of a religious order — specifically the priests, sages, prophets, and patriarchs. Kabbalah teaches us that everything under heaven and earth is created by God. Rather than thinking about God having a body or incarnations according to different religions, Kabbalah stress that God is the creator of everything — both the seen and unseen.

According to the Kabbalistic teachings, God made the world following the 10 processes of creations, or termed as sephirots (sephiroths). These are the will, wisdom, understanding, love or kindness, judgment or justice, harmony, victory, glory, foundation, and sovereignty.

Kabbalah And Man

Kabbalah believes that man will walk down the path of existence filled with the positive and negative forces that makes up the universe. Each man has its own potential that can be unlocked to the path of greatness, but this opportunity is blocked by the negative energies that surround us.

By living a life following the teachings of kabbalah, man can ultimately end up being an enlightened being — full of potential and ability that marks them for greatness. The only hindrance to this life is the negative energy emanated by external and internal forces. The red string is a popular kabbalah tool that shields a person from these negativities.