How To Use Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls to Open the Crown Chakra

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We are now going to retain our work thru the 7 important chakra points and crystal recovery, moving onto your Crown Chakra, additionally known as your seventh chakra. Remember there are many exceptional crystals you may use so make sure to paintings with the maximum not unusual, but experience free to strive others to look what resonates within your own active vibrational degree.

Your Crown Chakra is located just above the pinnacle crystal crown of your head. This is wherein the electricity can flow down and in through your chakra and all of the way via your electricity float of chakras whilst they’re all opened and aligned. The Crown Chakra is normally recognised by means of either a clear, white or red/violet color. Again there may be a few debate approximately which color is high-quality associated with this chakra factor, but it all relies upon on what resonates high-quality within your chakra and power fields.

This chakra and colour associations are represented with clarity, consciousness, sub-cognizance, cleansing and purification. The maximum not unusual crystal for this chakra point are: Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Moonstone, Selenite, Danburite, and White Amethyst.

I actually have found both running with Danburtite or a aggregate of Herkirmer Diamonds and Danburite cannot handiest take away a blockage however additionally being in a stronger power drift. When putting off a blockage at this chakra point, hold Danburite inside four inches of the vicinity and turn clockwise to cast off the blockages. Remember to cleanse the crystal thoroughly afterwards to put off any lively buildup that has accumulated on the crystal. When wanting extra of a more potent electricity waft, lie down and region Herkimer Diamond crystals, one on every aspect of your chakra factor and one over the area for 15 mins.