How to Start a Tow Truck Business

There are over 51,000 towing businesses in the United States, employing over 101,000 people. With regards to direct competition, you want to describe the other tow trucks with which you compete. Most likely, your direct competitors will be tow trucks located very close to your location. That is, how big is the potential market for your towing truck company?

Towing Safety Tips for Ram Truck Owners

The average tow truck business owner makes between $30,000 and $40,000 annually. The exact amount varies depending on the region that a business is in. In addition to paying for a Class B license, business owners often also need to obtain a permit from their state, and they may need other permits from local municipalities or highway departments. Business owners should check with their state and local city or county clerk office to find out what specific permits they need and how much they cost. They frequently are at least a few hundred dollars, and they can be much more.

Though the GCWR for your truck is not usually found on the label on the truck’s doorjamb, it can be found in the towing section of each truck manufacturer’s website. This is the weight of the vehicle plus the maximum allowable weight for occupants and cargo that the vehicle can safely handle. The GVWR is shown on the vehicle’s certification label on the driver’s doorjamb. Note that trailer weight is not added against the GVWR, but the tongue weight of the trailer is. As this example shows, a pickup truck’s payload adds up quickly when towing, in large part because of the trailer’s tongue weight. This means that if you’re towing near your truck’s limits, you might have to leave some cargo or passengers at home to stay within its safe capacities. The tow rating is the highest possible weight that the pickup can tow.

Are trucks becoming more popular?

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Customer Retention and Loyalty Programs

StateCE’s program is nationally recognized for providing professionals with affordable, state-specific continuing education courses that are time-efficient and Internet based. While it’s not absolutely necessary to have employees, most tow truck businesses have employees so that they can provide towing services around the clock. Without providing 24/7 towing, it’s difficult to get contracts with repair shops and government organizations. Additionally, the more hours a tow truck is used to tow vehicles, the faster the investment in the truck can be recouped. A tow truck business owner must know how to — and be legally licensed to — operate a tow truck. A Class B license usually allows drivers to operate a vehicle weigh more than 26,000 pounds or a vehicle that is towing another vehicle that weighs 10,000 pounds or less. While a light duty truck weighs about 14,000 pounds, a medium duty truck weighs at least 26,000.

Have levelheadedness & can problem-solve – It will be your levelheadedness and problem-solving skills that will be front and center. And you’ll have to keep your wits about you in a range of circumstances. Remember, cars can break down on busy highways without shoulders or on deserted roads at 3 AM.

The car’s wheels are fastened with chains running through them that attach to the flatbed. Then, the flatbed is mechanically lower back down to a flat state, and the car is ready to be towed. Its combination of a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 and electric motor integrated into the transmission produces 430hp and 570 lb-ft. That difference may not seem great, but when talking trucks, small differences in MPG figures can actually equate to big savings.

The price of used trucks is up by 9.0% year over year, and the average price for a used model is $43,000. As trucks like the Ram 1500, Toyota Tacoma, and Ford F-150 face production woes, demand isn’t slowing down. More people are buying trucks than ever before, and production is struggling to keep up. A sort of hybrid solution is truck-mounted howitzers, such as France’s Caesar. These offer self-propelled mobility without the cost, weight, and mechanical complexity, though they also lack armored protection. If a truck hauling a cannon breaks down, another truck can tow it.