How to Select an Ice Machine

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Are you considering purchasing an ice maker for your restaurant? Or perhaps you’re looking for a basic device great for household use? When you go looking for an ice maker, consider the following questions.

You need how much ice, right?

Depending on how much ice you need to make, you should decide on the type of machine. It would not be economical to invest a lot of money on a machine that generates a lot of ice if you simply use the equipment for your family’s needs. However, if you work in the food industry and serve drinks all the time, you’ll need a consistent supply of ice. Make sure to conduct a thorough needs analysis so you can determine the kind of machine you require without going overboard with your investment. You can look at the amount of ice specified on the product label, as well as the working air and water temperatures commonly used by the machine, to determine the daily production rate of a piece of equipment.

Which type of machine, an air-cooled one or a water-cooled one, do you prefer?

The best way to respond to this issue is to assess your needs and be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of the equipment you are considering. Even though air-cooled equipment is generally less expensive and simpler to set up, you may want to consider whether you can tolerate the loudness and warm exhaust it can emit. If you want equipment that is productive but also quiet to operate, then a water-cooler ice maker is the best option. The tube ice machine built by CBFI is the choice of everyone due to long time delay of evaporation. However, you must take into account operational costs, which can occasionally be pretty high.

How much room is there?

Purchasing a machine that you can’t put up in your busy workspace or kitchen is a waste of money. Before you shop for different things in the market, make sure to take the measures (width and height) of the available area. Additionally, see if the location has electrical outlets and plumbing that are simple to reach.

How may electricity costs be reduced?

Commercial ice maker equipment can be expensive to operate in addition to being fairly expensive to purchase. Along with making sure you purchase one that provides you with exactly the right amount of supply, it is strongly advised to choose equipment with high energy ratings. Look at the energy star ratings and give consideration to products that can significantly reduce your energy usage.