How to pick a real Christmas tree: What you should know

Many times, it is theunexpectedthat makes a room really stand out. Learning to decorate like an interior designer involves a ton of trial and error. Or you can use these simple steps to learn how to decorate without getting overwhelmed. Decorating can be overwhelming, especially if you have no idea where to start. These 10 steps will help you learn how to decorate without getting overwhelmed.


Of course, we have to start with the typical Christmas colours that have gained a huge following over the years. Not only are they timeless, but they also offer a lot of design possibilities. You can use one colour to make a statement, use it in abundance, or use it sparingly. Caiaimage/Charlie Dean / Getty ImagesOffer thanks to your home. Feng shui is a shamanic tradition that derives from the belief that everything is alive, including your space. The same life energy that animates you also flows through your home. The first step is to notice the obstacles, adjust with kindness, and be gentle—one thing at a time.

Create a Self-Care Oasis

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As always, finish is almost equally as important as color itself. Atwood advises opting for a matte finish in low-light rooms, since all the artificial light sources will create glare on a more high-gloss option. “Color is alive.” So begins the latest book from textile designer Rebecca Atwood. Following her successful take on pattern, Atwood is back with clever lessons relating to color. And, as that first line notes, part of the reason color is so complex is because it’s ever-changing based on what it’s paired with, what material it’s on, and, perhaps most importantly, how it’s lit. My sister and I each had one of this and my mom let us keep them on in our bedroom before we fell asleep–nice memories. And the tree would spin when the lightbulb heated up the paper.

Fill a large wooden bowl with a mix of greens and pillar candles to create a simple, rustic Christmas display for a coffee table or centerpiece, like this family room from Maison de Cinq. Turn your coffee table into a focal point with a holiday display. John McClain Design stacked coffee table books with shiny glass tree ornaments, greens, and fresh clementines that echo the midcentury modern Christmas palette of the living room.

Keep in mind your home’s ceiling height , the surface areas , the wall space , and the floor space when you’re shopping and decorating for the holidays. But most of us just can’t fit all that holiday decor in our homes.

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