How to Entertain your Australian Shepherd 11 Fun Activities for you and your Aussie

Larger and adult dogs may fetch a higher price, according to how well socialized, trained and obedient they are. Female dogs can fetch higher prices due to their breeding potential. An adult Aussie would easily weight anywhere up to 30 kilograms, growing about 2 ft. in size. While they do have certain health issues, mostly related to the merle gene that gives them their distinctive marbled coat, they are overall healthy and active dogs.

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Even if you stay on top of your dog’s shedding, you’re bound to have dog hair around your house that needs cleaning up. Depending on your cleaning preferences, you may find one or all products suitable for your home. Bathe your Australian Shepherd about once every three to four weeks. Anything more than that will strip your pup of the natural oils that occur on their skin and in their coat.

Adapting Exercise to Your Aussie’s Age and Health

Finally, these animals are a tough and adaptable breed that can withstand a broad range of conditions. However, amid harsh weather circumstances, it is critical to consider their needs and give adequate care. Australian Shepherds prefer temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but they can withstand a wide range of temperatures. In inclement weather, provide a warm, dry spot for your Australian Shepherd to relax and keep an eye out for indications of hypothermia or frostbite. The thickness of your Australian Shepherd’s coat and the weather conditions in your location will determine whether or not they require a winter coat. Most Australian Shepherds do not require a coat because their natural coat provides ample protection in cold weather.

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Physical characteristics

After a while, this will build self-confidence in your puppy or dog, and they will approach life with a sense of excitement and adventure rather than fear. The prime age range for socialization is 7 weeks to 4 months, though again, you can socialize your dog at any age. It is recommended to complete your puppy’s vaccination schedule before introducing it to other animals. The best time to socialize dogs is when they are puppies, but if you bring home an adult rescue dog, you can still go through the socialization process with them.

This doesn’t mean they don’t get the zoomies around the house and enjoy going out to play. They just don’t have the energy requirements some of the higher energy dogs. Kids are an excellent exercise for Australian Shepherds, you must make them run around with them or play fetch or create hurdles for them to pass. An hour or two of rigorous physical exercise each day is a must for Australian Shepherds.

An adult Aussie needs to get their daily exercise in a few different ways. This keeps them healthy and fit while helping them burn off some of their high energy. They also need plenty of time to play fetch or even go for long jogs with a backpack for extra weight to improve their muscle tone. An adult Aussie may also enjoy a few different types of group or individual training routines.

This protein – the P-glycoprotein – is a type of fluid that is responsible for flushing drugs out of a dog’s brain. It renders it useless, causing a buildup of drug residue in the brain. Resultantly, the dog starts getting seizures and eventually may die of ataxia, the canine equivalent of a stroke. Yet another health concern that largely affects shepherd dogs, CEA, as it is popularly known can have long-term effects.

In the world of trending dog “sizes” and “breeds,” it can be tough to figure out what is real and what is a scam. Thankfully, Miniature Australian Shepherds are very real and recognized by the American Kennel Club. Their official name is the Miniature American Shepherd, but many people call them Miniature Australian Shepherds due to their origins and resemblance to their bigger variant. Like most shepherds, Australian Shepherds were bred to be herding dogs.

The Collie Eye Anomaly directly affects the eyes, damaging the retina, sclera, and choroid. The root cause of Collie Eye Anomaly is in the genes, which leads to improper eye development.

Breeds like Australian Shepherds have a higher susceptibility to epilepsy and seizures than most other dog breeds. Epilepsy and seizures in dogs are more or less like those that are seen in humans. The dog will as if lose control over his/her body and eventually lose consciousness, their bodies will become rigid and urinary incontinence may also be seen. This is a highly painful condition that affects a lot of dog breeds, especially the larger ones.