How A Katoey Transforms Into A lady

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How many surgeries does a Katoey
needs to take to live like a real woman?

A “phuying praphet song” (ladyboy) from Bangkok. She has been
taking hormone replacement แปลงเพศ therapy at an early age of 13
and had SRS at the age of 20. Looks like a cute and beautiful girl, right?

Undergo female sex hormone replacement therapy.

Have breast implants.

Undergo cosmetic surgeries to shape their bodies
such as jawbone, hips and buttocks. Undergo voice chord surgery and reduce the size of adam’s apple.
Finally undergo male-to-female sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) to complete the transition.

Thailand is the cheapest place to have SRS

Thailand is indeed the cheapest place in the world
for ladyboys to perform any surgeries they want. It is perhaps the only country that
accepts transgenders in society due to the
high value of tolerance the Buddhist culture places on. Some families even welcome their new daughters
and pay for the surgery cost.

Thailand is one of the cost effective (cheapest) places to
perform male-to-female sexual reassignment surgery (SRS).
In the West, it would cost around USD$25,000.
In Thailand, USD$1600 would cover for the procedure.
Countries such as Japan and Singapore will cost even more.

After SRS, they will be able to function like a real woman and
engage in sexual intercourse of course. Did you know that it is possible for a katoey to be pregnant?
Doctor Chen Huanran, a Beijing sex change surgeon claimed
that he has developed the technology to
make a transgender pregnant and the cost of the procedure
is around US$24,156.