House Signs and Home Owners

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As a maker of house signs it never ceases to amaze me at how few house sellers consider the importance of having a decent house sign on the properties they are selling.

We are told that the first impressions are so important Refurbishment services london to prospective buyers that the decision whether to buy or not, can be made if the first minutes of a viewing. If that is true, hanging a decent quality house sign on your home must be considered as a small but important part of your selling strategy.

Consider if you will the buyers viewpoint, they have an address and they are trolling down the road looking for the house of their dreams, the very first thing they see will be the house sign.

You have probably spent vast amounts of time and effort re-building, decorating and cleaning. You may have fitted new carpets and curtains to impress the buyers, you almost certainly repaired that leaking gutter and re-painted the soffits and exterior paintwork.

Now have a look at the house sign.

Is the house sign or house number on your property a testament to all your hard work, or does it say, there were things you couldn’t be bothered to do.

The quality of the sign can either make a small but positive impression or it can put them on their guard. Has this house been cared for? Has the building work been carried out to a high standard, is this a quality home? The home owner or builder who has neglected the house sign may have neglected other things!

All or some of these things may be in some small way deduced from the quality and condition of the house sign.

If the property you are selling has been advertised as a quality development, does it really help your cause to have an old plywood sign nailed to the tree with the name written in felt tip pen, or the numbers of that ‘charming country cottage’ displayed with plastic numbers screwed to the gate? Don’t laugh I have seen this!

Having a poor house sign probably wont be a deal breaker of course, but if you are serious about selling your property it doesn’t pay to miss any trick.

This is not to say that you have to pay vast fortunes for a suitable house sign, the main things to consider are: does the design of the house sign suit the property. If the material the sign is made of compliments the building style, its a good first step.

Do not be tempted into the false economy of buying a sign that is too small for the house. That will look just mean. Nor in a style that is inappropriate. Smart homes should have smart signs. Cottages are best suited by rustic signs and if you have spent time and energy designing and decorating a contemporary home, then search out a contemporary house sign maker.

There are plenty of house sign web sites. Try to focus in on the style or material you would prefer for your house sign and then narrow the field by doing a focused search on a search engine.