Gamma Brain Waves to Increase Your Mental Processing Speed

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SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) scientists look for ET’s clever messages within the radio spectrum; and also within the visible location of the electromagnetic spectrum. Should they, in spite of the inherent difficulties, take the possibility to analyse gamma-ray bursts for a sign inside the gamma radiation noise? If they in reality they have already got been tested for a sign I’m unaware of it or this type of analysis and conclusions. It’s those sudden and short-lived components that make gamma-ray SETI tough in the intense. It’s like sometime within the subsequent 24 hours, on simply one radio station, in a few unspecified part of the world, lasting for only ten seconds, you may pay attention a voice. Good success choosing it up.

Gamma-ray bursts were observed by accident by means of the Vela series of satellites. The Vela satellites had been sent up by way of the Americans to keep tabs on those naughty commies and to ensure they failed to violate the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. The Vela satellites indeed picked up one of the telltale signatures of atmospheric nuclear explosions (gamma-rays), besides they were not coming from Terra Firma or within our surroundings, however somewhere available – way, manner, manner available. Though first detected in 1967, the anomalous nitty-gritty info weren’t made public until about six years later – nicely these in the end were pinnacle mystery army secret agent-in-the-sky satellites.

Anyway, it became fast realized that those cosmic gamma-ray bursts had been coming from in reality, in reality some distance away. They weren’t sourced domestically; they weren’t sourced at interplanetary distances, or even at interstellar distances. They have been occurring in galaxies some distance, a long way away, to this point, far away that they took place a protracted, long time ago too (since it takes electromagnetic radiation, of which gamma-rays are a component thereof, finite times to cross finite distances). To pass such big distances with such energy intensities counseled that gamma-ray bursts were no longer akin to a galaxy what a firecracker is to Planet Earth. Rather, it turned into extra a galactic case of, nicely a terrestrial incredible-duper nuclear explosion on Planet Earth.

Now gamma-rays are very excessive electricity electromagnetic photons, more active than ultraviolet and X-rays. Even earlier than the detection of those intergalactic gamma-ray bursts, we knew approximately gamma-rays due to the fact they’re a natural made from electron – positron annihilation and of some radioactive decay approaches.

So a great deal for a few background on gamma-rays and astronomical bursts of gamma radiation, how might that practice to SETI? Let’s anticipate that there is as a minimum Order gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL) online  one incredibly advanced technological extraterrestrial civilization somewhere accessible, who needs to attract interest to themselves via a sign of a few type (which isn’t always quite the equal thing as real one-on-one verbal exchange). That preference might be akin to a greater applicable terrestrial analogy like an nameless show-off graffiti artist – “right here I am; I exist”. How could, or as a minimum could, our ET do it?

Now what is the biggest cosmic bang commercial to your buck you may get? My knowledge might be rely-antimatter annihilation. If an electron meets a positron, you get a gamma-ray. So, I wonder whether or not the rather anomalous and unpredictable gamma-ray bursts which can be really not unusual, however no longer too common in the cosmos, may, or at the least a number of them may, be artificially created by means of that incredibly technological extraterrestrial civilization or perhaps, if plural, those extraterrestrial civilizations. An alien ‘message’ (because it had been) or sign, in undeniable sight.

Here’s every other viable state of affairs. Say once upon a time, billions of years in the past, you had various, even numerous, excessive-tech extraterrestrial civilizations in diverse galaxies. In the class scale of ET civilizations they might fall somewhere among a Type II (mastery of the strength output of a stellar item) and a Type III civilization (mastery over the electricity assets of an entire galaxy). They shared records (‘communication’ in real time being out of the query because of the intergalactic distances involved) thru radio waves, laser beams, and many others. It’s green to send an electromagnetic packet of info in a tightly compressed, and quick-lived, burst. In-character tour to and on-website visitations, possible in interplanetary and interstellar scenarios, are not possible on the subject of intergalactic scenarios. The distances are simply too extensive.

Now, Cosmology 101, the expanding universe, tells us that maximum galaxies are transferring faraway from maximum other galaxies. To maintain intergalactic ‘communications’ or information sharing viable over the long time, you need to shout louder as time goes via; as your neighbouring or nearby galaxies receives farther and farther faraway from you. Gamma-ray bursts are ‘louder’ than most other active phenomena inside the Universe. The simple facts sending principle is the equal. If you could use light waves or radio waves, and so forth. To send a message, why not a gamma-ray?

The drawback is that this is really high-electricity expenditure. But, in case you are a Type II or Type III civilization, ‘burning’ this amount of strength is corresponding to a billionaire lighting a suit.

Now the odds are very high that during all opportunity, gamma-ray bursts are a very natural phenomenon, albeit still a totally mysterious one. But, you by no means know. I suppose it untimely to rule out ET, at the least till such time as we’ve got a better grounding within the idea at the back of them and/or do a detailed evaluation of an ordinary gamma-ray burst taking place looking for some sign in the cosmic noise but now not locating any.