Future of Mobile Gaming – Make predictions for mobile game tech like 5G, cloud gaming and augmented reality.

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The Future of Mobile Gaming: 5G, Cloud Gaming and AR

Mobile games have exploded into a $100 billion dollar industry. Let’s gaze into the crystal ball and see what the future may hold for mobile game technology.

Lightning Fast 5G

5G networks will elevate mobile gaming with super low latency and extremely fast speeds. Online multiplayer games will benefit greatly from reduced lag times. Graphically rich games built using cloud computing power may soon be supported on mobile devices thanks to 5G’s data bandwidth. High fidelity gaming on the go is on the horizon.

Cloud-Streamed Games

Speaking of cloud computing, services like Microsoft xCloud Jameindy and Google Stadia plan to stream console/PC-quality games directly to mobile devices. By essentially using smartphones as thin clients, mobile users can access immersive titles requiring heavy processing power that phones cannot handle alone.

Cross-Platform Play

Cloud gaming also enables true cross-platform play, allowing gamers on different devices to play in the same gaming universe. With console, PC and mobile worlds colliding, gaming will become device agnostic. Your experience will sync across platforms.

Augmented Reality Explodes

AR mobile games like Pokémon GO have offered small glimpses into the potential of augmented reality. As AR headsets and glasses replace phones, new gameplay mechanics we can only imagine will arrive and revolutionize the concept of mobile gaming. The future is an exciting new frontier.

While the disruptive technologies powering the future of gaming raise complex issues around access and ethics, one thing is certain – mobile gaming is set to reach amazing new heights.