Fitness: How Long to Get in Shape

Sports-specific trainers can help improve strength, flexibility and stamina to improve performance in specific sports. Options include increasing arm strength for tennis playing or improve strength and core stability providing better balance playing golf. There are also many ways to decrease one’s general fitness level.

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During each rotation day, split up the exercises into sets and reps. A “rep” is one full motion of the exercise. For example, good exercises for your upper body include pushups. You can strengthen your arms and shoulders with bent over dumbbell rows and overhead presses. A sports trainer or fitness specialist will be able to walk you through each exercise to be sure you’re doing it right. Slow yourself to a stop and let your heart rate come down.

Compare that to crash dieting and hours of cardio where your “weight loss” might be greater, but you’ll be losing both muscle and fat . “If you’re highly trained and decide to take a break from exercise, your cardio is going to be the first and fastest to decline. It will drop significantly after only a few weeks of inactivity,” Tyler Spraul, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and the head trainer at, told Healthline.

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You’ll know how much more you need to lift this week to make sure you’re stronger than last week. Some trainers will preach working your muscles to annihilation, but I think that’s just asking for an injury, poor form, and beyond-sore muscles. Or if you’re doing 3 sets of 10 at 100 pounds, then next week try for 3 sets of 10 at 105 pounds.

If you have been inactive for several weeks, it is often safest to start fresh — working with your current level of fitness and health, not where you were before the break. “When you undergo resistance training, you permanently change the physiology of your muscle cells — even if you stop training for long periods of time,” said Fauci.