Exam Results Are Now Easily Available Online

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OK, we understand, we realize. Since first year, 2nd semester, you’ve been making plans exactly what you will submit in your Facebook popularity the instant you discover the bar outcomes. Well, your huge day has in the end arrived!

“Just exceeded the bar child! I put the ‘exy’ in attractive.”

Here are the Top five ways to Break Your Bar Exam Result News:

5) Mass text

Some text messaging phones most effective let you send ten at a time, so it’s time to rank your human beings so as of significance. This is a large flow. You recognise your lady friend is going to ask you if you had been the primary individual she instructed. Maybe don’t forget bumping your different woman pals into the second institution of ten.

4) Call your family

Those few close, cherished ones who have been there for you at some point of all of your pain and angst all through the months of bar prep (and the months watching for the Up board result 10th class consequences) will certainly appreciate a non-public smartphone call from you to them. Giving thanks with a brief call, “I (or we) did it, thank you in your support,” will move a protracted way with them and the karma Gods.

Three) Put a join up your car: “Just surpassed”

This is your huge day! It’s like a marriage, but lucky you, you continue to get to live single. Why watch for the wedding day to flaunt to the world your accomplishment? Get a few paint or a signal, hit up your home windows and tell the sector, “Just Passed!”

2) Tell random strangers

Go into your grocery save, ask the safety defend via the door how he’s doing, after which inform him you JUST PASSED THE BAR!!! You can even give him a Hi Five. Now pass do the identical to the woman standing in the alcohol aisle (we understand it really is where you are headed). And finally, make certain you tell the woman at checkout. You might get a reduction (but possibly now not). Share your love and fulfillment with the sector! The world is satisfied to look you be successful!

1) Facebook reputation

Drop it at the Facebook. After all, it is the CNN of your personal life. Anything you post right here will flare out to all of your family and buddies across the globe like a wildfire. Expect masses of ‘likes’ and ‘Congratulations! We’re so proud!’ I received greater attention from my publish, “Grateful he handed the Ca bar examination” than some thing else I even have ever posted (a relationship reputation exchange got here in a close 1/3).

Facebook posts can in reality unfold quicker than cellphone messaging. I texted my dad proper after the effects, then put a publish on my Facebook. Five minutes later, one among our own family pals, who become at an occasion with my dad, had visible my publish and advised him congratulations on my achievement, and my dad changed into clueless as to what she was speakme about.

Just don’t forget to expose a few humility. Some of your Facebook friends who did no longer pass, might be studying your put up. Be mild.

Best of success with the consequences, and Congratulations to individuals who pass the bar exam!