Earth Day – Why Not Make Every Day Earth Day?

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I even have an obsession with essential oils. Like I have over 30 distinct sorts of oils (no longer including more than one of my usual pass-to’s) and at the least three special diffusers in my home.

I recognize many humans agree with them to just be the “factor” in the intervening time however generations of humans have been the usage of them for years as part of a more natural manner of residing.

Essential oils have such a lot of makes use of. They may be used:


You can even use them in household Plantable pens answers! The most effective component I use in my home is Young Living’s Thieves Cleaning Concentrated Solution which can be diluted to mop your flooring and wipe down your countertops.

(Ask me some greater approximately Young Living!)

Ask you could tell, they are a huge a part of my lifestyles and I use them on a DAILY foundation.

If you don’t already include them into your each day recurring, you are sincerely lacking out on a diffusion of higher (and herbal) opportunities.

Keep analyzing to study more about the way to use 7 essential oils each day of the week!


Because Lemon oil is so flexible, it is one of the most useful oils to always have reachable (Hence my stock of three bottles at a time.) Not simplest is it’s fragrance so mild and refreshing but it’s antioxidant residences can assist a healthful immune machine.

Tip: Use it for your favorite diffuser combination or put numerous drops on a easy cotton fabric to take with you to sniff “on-the-move.” Here are 12 Lemon Essential Oil Uses!


Frankincense oil isn’t always just for the vacations. This useful oil has been stated to instill emotions of spirituality and inner power. I love to diffuse this while I am doing some yoga or meditating in the mornings.

Tip: Apply 1-2 drops of Frankincense on your face and neck to visually limit blemishes or upload some drops in your dry pores and skin for a more healthy looking glow.


Peppermint oil is ideal all yr spherical while you need to quiet down fatigued muscle tissues after a exercising or create a focus environment for college paintings. Better yet, with Peppermint Vitality, you can upload 1 drop of this oil to a batch of home made muffins to make seasonal peppermint tarts! SO GOOD!

Tip: Apply a few drops of Peppermint oil to your temples or neck to offer you a groovy and fresh feeling and sell positivity.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil, like Lemon, is one of the maximum common vital oils that can be observed in a single’s stash. It is used in many splendor products due to it’s capability to assist soothe and beautify the arrival of your skin.

Tip: Apply 1-3 drops of Tea Tree oil for your pores and skin and gently rub it. You can even upload it in your favorite provider oil (Mine is Young Living’s Massage Oil or coconut oil) and use it at some point of a massage session.


Orange critical oil is understood to have sweet, peaceful aroma that may encourage creativity and harmony. It’s sparkling citrus fragrance may be blended on your diffuser with different oils consisting of, Grapefruit or Lemon, to provide your day the improve it wishes.