Cloud Computing: Trends in Secure Data Storage

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Every new product that technology provides raises questions about our capacity to think. Cloud Computing is the newest offering. Cloud Computing lets you store, access and modify data in realtime. You can access your data anywhere you are with an internet connection. Anybody can access your data once it is stored. This makes it vulnerable. Data security is paramount in these times of cybercrime.

Why cloud authentication?

Cloud authentication makes it possible to keep data safe and limit access. That is, only authorized users with authentic credentials have access to the data. Like an email address, a unique username and password act as authentication SMS OTP.

However, one might still be vulnerable for a digital attack. Multilayered security is added to protect your data.

How does it all work?

Multi-Factor authentication is also known as Two-Factor authentication. This is a pattern that adds another layer of security to the UserID and password. There are many options for adding multiple layers of security. It all depends on how feasible it is. Captcha codes, biometrics or retina scans can all be used to generate cryptic numbers using letters number. The third layer of security is now possible with mobile phones that double-up. The messaging service that sends a one-time passcode (OTP), is most popular. This password is only valid for a set time and has a limit of use. It expires generally after one use. This method is also known SMS 2-factor authentication. The access is secure as the request is sent from the user’s P.C. and the generated code is sent back to that user’s phone. This code is only temporary.

Cloud Services Advantages

One may ask why this amount of care is necessary to protect data stored online. The service providers take the greatest care to protect your data against digital threats. These services can prove to be extremely valuable for any company. We are in a competitive environment and need quick and reliable information. Cloud authentication services make it possible to work remotely.