Branding, Control, and Results – Submit Articles in Your Own Name

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Composition distribution is presently roaring on the internet.

Authors do it for a number of reasons


It’s a good way to be picked up by the hunt machines.

The backlinks from your resource box can help your hunt machine position. brand distribution

You have the possibility of secondary business if your composition is picked up by a popular website or ezine.

Colorful products and services have come available that

help you distribute your papers to the 100s of composition

directories and mailing lists.

  1. a) Software that speeds up maunal submission, or can in some

. cases do this automatically.


  1. b) Services that distribute papers in your name


  1. c) Services that distribute papers on your behalf, but in

. their own name.


The Double Edged Sword


Numerous people pay a decoration rate for composition distribution on

their behalf, without the solicitude of having to join colorful

. composition directory spots as a member, giving their own dispatch

. address, and entering lots of emails from colorful Yahoo

. groups.


Unfortunately what they do not realise is that frequently this

devalues their work.


1) In the author section on numerous spots, the name of the

. distribution service will be shown, not that of the original

. author.


2) Author sections of numerous composition directories are a unique

marketing venue. Numerous callers will visit the author profile

before reading an composition all the way to the bottom. Utmost

biographies could have one or further websites listed.


3) Within RSS feeds from the composition directories, the

. distribution service might be shown in the byline, not the

. original author.


4) Numerous composition directories allow an author to change or

modify their resource box. If an composition was submitted using

an account possessed by a 3rd party distribution service, that

. avenue will be closed.


Complete Control


For authors who want complete control of their branding,

. either submit manually, or use composition submission software.

You’ll admit further emails, but can always have a special

. dispatch address for this purpose. Googles Gmail service I find

is an excellent choice.

Composition Host and Composition Submitter Pro are two exemplifications

of similar software.


Limited Control


Use an automated submission service that ensures you’re the

author. There are services that signup for members to

directories on your behalf, using a username and word of

. your choice.

One similar service is Composition Marketer.


The Vexation


You’ll have to confirm your class to numerous

distribution points, and some will continue to shoot emails

. containing papers from other people. Yahoo groups typically

allow you to elect a condensation mode, or to not admit posted

. papers at all.

Utmost of this is a one time trouble, although you’ll have to

. be on the lookout for important dispatches on the dispatch

account you use.


The Massive Gain


They’re your papers, and you should gain maximum benefit

. from them.


Using composition distribution is important like a variant of

Pareto’s80/20 rule. You potentially gain 80 effective

results compared to homemade distribution, for 20 of the

. work.


Still if your system of composition distribution does not give

you all the possible credit for your papers, rather than

.80 effectiveness, you might only be getting 60 or lower.


Managing your own composition distribution with tools

similar as Composition Host or Composition Submitter Pro gives you

complete control to achieve your80/20 pretensions.

A service similar as Composition Marketer which gives you full

credit, and reasonable control, might be 70 effective, for

.10 of the work.


Refining your processes, and only using the most effective

. system where it benefits you the most, you can maximise your

. return for the work invested.


I use a combination of service and software for my own