Billboard Advertising Meaning, Advantages, Examples & Tips

Also, one billboard can be used in many ways for many ads by changing the graphics on them. Appealing and intriguing pictures of huge sizes together with catchy slogans are used in billboard advertisements, so passersby or bystanders cannot overlook or ignore them. This form of advertising has been a compelling method for conveying your message and doing effective branding in front of the bulk chunk of the population. One argument that cynics can make is that billboards aren’t as eye-catching as moving ads like TV and social media videos. Furthermore, it’s not as mobile as print ads that you can take with you and keep as long as you want.

What Are the Disadvantages of Billboard Advertising?

So, make the most of the tips and examples above to create an unforgettable billboard for your brand. Someone may look out the window during their next commute and see your billboard — and become a new customer. They take advantage of sports teams, nicknames, nuances, or inside jokes related to the area. This can make the billboard much more impressionable to those who see it. This 3D digital billboard example from BMW tells the story of their latest model heading out for a quick drive. Apple’s iPhone challenges gather stunning images from iPhone users that highlight the photography features of the product.

The standard size of a mobile board varies based on the size of the truck. An inherent strength of out-of-home is its big, bold, creative canvas for brands to tell their stories. As a leader in helping advertisers develop and optimize campaign messaging, Clear Channel Outdoor is ready to help you take full advantage of this strength. We’ll guide you through our myriad creative capabilities like 2D extensions, 3D props, 3D anamorphic images, augmented reality, and more. Drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians read billboards rapidly and don’t have time to read a long, drawn-out message about your company. The general rule of thumb suggests a billboard should have not more than six words in order to communicate effectively with the target demographic.

For instance, if you think a specific town or county has more potential customers, you can install your billboard there. You can install them on freeway exits, busy intersections, etc., to get maximum reach. 46% of people share a view that billboard advertising is the best way to bring new products to their attention. Small business advertising typically uses billboards to generate local awareness (e.g., to let you know that there’s some great restaurant in town or a new apartment complex coming soon). Alternatively, large companies often use billboards to stay top of mind, which helps generate more sales.

And, unlike other advertising mediums, outdoor ads cannot be turned off, hidden, or thrown away. With ever-developing effects, such as digital screens, 3-D figures, or different structures, the concept of the billboard and why it works remains the same. Companies should instead consider the billboard as a key method of advertising and a staple across all industries. Even if you are writing something on your billboard, make it simple, precise, and bold.

Digital billboards cost as low as $10 a day per 10-second “blip” with Blip Billboards, or for dedicated digital billboards, from $1,200 to over $15,000 per month. While more expensive units tend to have the best locations and the largest sizes, there are multiple options that will present the best value opportunity for your brand. It is best to plan for a mix of unit types and frequency levels to ensure the most impactful outdoor strategy. At Billups, we help brands globally to create the most effective outdoor strategy integrated into their overall media mix that will also deliver optimal value. Although digital billboards are the fastest growing segment of the billboard sign industry, static billboards have greater numerosity. The construction of new billboard locations is prohibited in most cities in the United States, thereby making the existing billboard ad locations all the more valuable.

What 3 factors do you need to consider when designing a billboard ad?

Then, make a plan to create and measure your billboard campaign for effectiveness. For example, adding a CTA with a unique URL to your billboard ad can help you track conversions. This refers to the age, gender, income level, and other characteristics of the traffic that passes the billboard. Geopath collects this information from travel surveys and local transportation authorities. But while billboards are sometimes criticized for being disruptive, they’re also quite effective. Billboards are typically placed in high-traffic areas, such as along highways and in cities.

People will frequently be looking at your enormous and eye-catching display since billboards are carefully positioned along major routes and crossroads. People can avoid looking at an Internet ad or can change the channel away from a commercial, but they can’t escape staring at a billboard while they go about their day. Billboard advertising can be really beneficial if planned in the right way and right direction, but the question comes whether it’s worth it for your brand or not. The answer to this is that only you can decide if the expense of billboards is worthwhile in light of your company’s goals and advertising budget. One of the biggest benefits of billboard advertising in India is that it delivers high-quality visibility for your brand.

Digital billboards are becoming more popular as a result of the flexibility of digital and current technological trends. However, digital billboards have maintenance issues… Power outages, connectivity problems, and electrical and hardware concerns should cause us to think carefully before making a purchase. They keep the exact copy for a more extended period of time. As a result, the number of marketing options available to you is limited. Furthermore, due to wear and tear, they can be costly to install and maintain. There’s no doubt that billboard advertising is a powerful marketing tool. It can help you reach a large audience quickly and easily, and plenty of options are available for you.

Advertisements are a crucial point in the marketing of any product or service offered by a company. In the text given above, there are types, advantages, and tips for creating a billboard advertisement. Read more about ooh advertising here. Mobile LED Billboard advertising is less expensive than many other types of advertising means such as infomercials, paper advertisements, or radio ads.