All About the ALLPOWERS Monster X2000W Power Station

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The im Allpowers Monster X Test is a portable and compact power source that powers up to 11 devices at once. Its powerful charging ability can power anything from a fridge to a Tesla. In addition to its power capacity, the Monster X is incredibly compact and light, making it easy to take it anywhere. It can also recharge in four hours and last up to 24 hours with a USB type C connection.

Maximum power point tracking

With the ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W, you can charge up to 11 devices at once. This portable power source is built with a 1500Wh lithium-ion battery and supports three outlets at once. It takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge, and you can charge your device up to six hours and up to 24 hours using the USB Type-C port. It’s perfect for traveling, office use, or any situation where you need to stay connected.

The AllPowers Monster X power station features advanced MPPT technology, which uses control circuits and algorithms to determine the maximum power point for the battery. It has an enhanced rigid body structure and is lightweight. It’s made of an aluminum alloy shell and ABS+ plastic, and comes with dual strong handles to help you move it around without a problem. With its compact design, it’s easy to store and transport.

hours with a type C-USB

This portable power station is equipped with a powerful 1500W lithium-ion battery pack to recharge your gadgets. This power station charges 11 gadgets at the same time and supports 3 outlets simultaneously. Powered by PURE SINE WAVE CURRENT, the ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W power station charges your gadgets within a few hours. You can use it as an emergency power source for your electric vehicle or RV. It charges 11 different electrical devices at a time, making it a convenient choice for road trips or power outages.

The ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W Power station is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones. It also supports wireless Bluetooth connections and the ALLPOWERS App (iOS 9.0 and above). The Monster X is equipped with a 1700Wh battery pack that is reinforced by an aluminum alloy structure. It is protected by an ABS+PC shed.

Environmentally friendly

The ALLPOWERS portable power station is small and light, and also eco-friendly. It features a built-in LCD screen that provides important information, such as battery level and remaining power. This power station can be used for charging essential power gadgets but is not recommended for large appliances, such as refrigerators and other devices that consume a great deal of electricity. There are also different types of features available, such as an LED display that indicates the output voltage.

Compact design

The compact design of ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000 W Power Station makes it an ideal portable power source for camping trips and road trips. With over two thousand watts of power output, this unit has enough capacity to charge 11 different devices. It also comes with multiple output ports for different types of power. The power station can also be used for charging electric cars. It can be carried in your car and is a great companion during power outages.

The compact design of the ALLPOWERS Monster X 2000W Power Stand offers convenient connectivity for the smartphone. Bluetooth capability lets you control the power station using your phone. The ALLPOWERS APP supports Android 4.3 and iOS 9.0. The unit’s battery pack is 1700Wh and reinforced with an aluminum alloy structure. It also features an ABS+PC shed for extra protection. The battery pack is removable for easy storage and can be replaced if needed.