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aka.ms/remoteconnect is a website that allows you to play Minecraft game alongside other players on obviously other devices than their own. It allows players to enjoy the game across a variety of platforms like PS4, Nintendo Switch or your Xbox. All you have to do is log in using an account that is account for a free Microsoft account and you’re ready to play.

Setting up of Microsoft Remote Connect on Xbox one via Xbox Mobile App:

  • Visit aka.ms/xboxsetup from your Game Console
  • If you are not registered then login into Your Microsoft Account
  • Follow the directions that will appear onto the screen, and you’ve set up successfully.

NOTE:The above mentioned site is only compatible with Smartphones.

Setting up of Cross Play Engine:

  • Get your copy of the Minecraft game on the Microsoft Store. (If you don’t own the game)
  • When you’ve started playing After starting the game, follow the steps to set up play with other players.

Setting up in PS4 or Nintendo Switch:

  • Visit the Stores for your respective consoles. the Consoles , and download the app if you aren’t using it the game.
  • Create a no-cost Microsoft account.
  • Go to your Microsoft Home page on the console, and then click the option to sign in.
  • You will be taken on page for the Remote Connection Login page
  • Copy the eight-digit code to further calibrate the remote to play the game
  • Visit the website starting from the beginning, and then open the web browser on your Mac or PC or even on Mobile Phones.
  • Register using that eight-digit code
  • Follow the next steps to complete the connection and then enjoy the game.

What should you do in the event of an error that occurred during calibration of your remote

Most likely causes for errors could be based on the as follows:

  • The game’s data may be corrupted. Try installing the game again. Keep regular backups of your game.
  • The frequent use of different devices may create issues with signing in.

Eliminating the problems

  • If you’re using multi-devices, try playing the paid versions of the game, at least on one device.
  • Log in with a Microsoft account when playing the game.
  • Be sure to use the right activation code. You are able to save the information for future use.

The Issue of Xbox Crossplay

  • Go to this link: Xbox setup link, aka.ms/xboxsetup , to find the remote play codes.
  • Log into your Microsoft account to log in and for save the necessary information.
  • Follow the link aka.ms/remoteconnect to start playing the game remotely.
  • When you enter the remote play number that you already saved or downloaded directly from your Xbox Screen, your game will begin loading automatically on the website.

This article is about remote connection to Minecraft. Follow these steps if you’re having issues creating the account or connecting to the remote. Find the solution using these easy steps and have fun ” Minecrafting“.